I had heard about MMOs mainly from people who played Everquest, and I was really excited about Lucas Arts teaming up with Sony Online Entertainment to make Star Wars : Galaxies, an MMO set in the Star Wars universe. My twin passions of Gaming and Star Wars could find their perfect match.

I followed the development of Galaxies, and it soon became apparent that they were trapped by the Lore. By setting their game during the Galactic Civil War, they had to make Jedi very scarce. It would mean there would be no Jedi class.

It was an immediate turn off. I had always had a tough time justifying the cost of an MMO in my head. A ‘normal’ game was about $50, and I could play it for months. An MMO was $50, and then another $10 to $15 per month on top of that.

It was going to take an extraordinary game to get me to do that. I might have done it for Galaxies, but I knew my luck. If even 1 in 1000 boxes gave you the secret code to start on the Jedi path, I knew my box wouldn’t have it. It turned out that wasn’t how they did it, but I didn’t know that at the time.

There was a legion of Star Wars fans, but hardly a legion of Galaxies players.

I never did play Galaxies, but from what I understand the Developers did an abrupt 180 and opened Jedi to everyone, and the game just didn’t make sense anymore. The entire game had been built around non Jedi and they didn’t balance the Jedi well when they did bring them out. 

Then early in 2006, my friend Adam got hired on at Blizzard as a GM for World of Warcraft. One of the perks of the job was that he got two free World of Warcraft accounts. You got the game and your monthly was free. I lobbied for him to give one of his ‘freebies’ to me, and he was kind of enough to do that.

 With the barrier to entry removed, I dove into WoW and became throughly engrossed. We rolled a couple of humans on the server Rexxar. I was a Paladin; he was a Warrior, if I remember correctly.

My ‘main’ is now a Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin on the Altar of Storm server.


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