Beta Reaction

This morning I got a nice surprise when my feed reader revealed that signups had begun for Star Wars The Old Republic. I rushed over to the site and started the process. However, I wasn’t on my gaming rig so I couldn’t enter my computer information. Hey, no problem, I thought. I’ll just jet home at lunch and apply for the Beta from there.

 Of course I get home to find that the overwhelming response has crashed the TOR website. Which means it won’t be until later on this evening, after class, that I get to throw my name into the hat for Beta.

 While I’m glad to see the excitement around The Old Republic, I think it would wise for everyone to take a deep breath.

 Think about this, it’s been almost a year since I signed up for an account on the TOR forums. We’ve learned a great deal from the Dev team in that year and I’m sure we’ll learn a great deal more in the months to come. The game will change drastically each build in Beta.

 I’ve been thinking about what my emotions would be if I didn’t make it into the Beta, and after some thought, I think there would be a bit a disappointment, but a healthy dose of relief. Relief? What an odd thing to say.

 See, I realize I won’t make the greatest Beta tester in the world. I’m much more likely to get sucked into the story and forget that I’m supposed to be testing a game. A good Beta tester will check all his stats, maybe even write them down, and then buff his toon and see that the right stat changes by the right amount. That isn’t exactly my idea of fun. He’ll sit there attacking a monster for an hour to check things like Dodge and Crit rates. Bor-ing! She will create Excel spreadsheets and MathLab code simulations and compare them to her results in game. She will reverse engineer the combat system.

 But it’s those dedicated people who will ensure TOR is a great game on launch. My hat is off to them.

 Hey, I just want to live out a great story and my childhood fantasies of being Luke Skywalker. Wouldn’t it be cool if your Jedi Mentor gave you your first Lightsaber and said something along the lines of “Your Father wanted you to have this when you old enough….but your Uncle wouldn’t allow it.”

  A year after Launch, I’m sure it would be cool to be able to start every post on the forums with ‘now I’ve been around since closed beta and …’ somehow thinking that will carry more weight with the Dev Team. Here’s a clue. It won’t.

 I wonder if getting in on Beta will only hasten the burn out cycle for some people. How many people from WoW’s closed Beta are still playing that game? I’d seriously consider playing a class other than what you are planning to play as a ‘main’ at Launch. I’ll go a step further and maybe even play the opposite faction. I want to play TOR for a long time, to savor each mission and battle. I don’t want to burn out before the game is even Live.

 Oh I hope I get a Beta invite. I think it would be a blast to check out the world. But I won’t go nearly as deep, or play as long as most, nor will I be all that disappointed if my name isn’t picked at all.


2 Responses to “Beta Reaction”

  1. 1 Thorned
    September 30, 2009 at 12:04 am

    Don’t worry.
    Of course there are People, checking the game with spreadsheats and all the stuff but there is a need for people who just want to play.

    The beta is not only for checking the mechanics of the game. It is also there to get responses from the player base if the “flow” of the game is like the dev team wants it to be. Are the quests “fun”? If you remember the ptrs from another mmo there was the possibility to give different kinds of feedback.

    If you get your spot then do what you really want and just play 🙂 Good luck! (I hope i get one too ^^)

  2. October 7, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Took me about an hour fiddling around and trying to outsmart the bugs that the site had when creating my account and signing up for the beta. I must have gotten it in just before the site crashed.

    I’ve been checking my e-mail everyday… wonder when people will start getting in.

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