Old Republic Release Date Leaked?

The site ICv2 posted a press release from Dark Horse comics stating that they will be publishing a paper back version of Threat of Peace. Threat of Peace is the webcomic that been released piecemeal on the Old Republic web site. The interesting thing to note about the press release was that it states that TOR, the video game, is due out in January 2010!                                 

Now this could be a typo or a mistake. It will be interesting to see if Bioware comments on this release.

 January 2010 is much sooner than I had anticipated TOR being out. In fact, it would put it out just a month or so after Blizzard releases the Ice Crown patch.

 I’m taking a very skeptical view of this one. The game is not even in BETA yet. Yes, they had signups, but as far as I know the actual Beta hasn’t started. We are now at the middle of October. It’s simply not feasible that you could get the game tested and ready to launch by January or even February.


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